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A to Z Challenge–N is for NO

N is for NO.  It’s a small word, but it seems it is just too hard for some of us to use.  We tend to say YES all the time and then stress ourselves out trying to make everyone happy.  We secretly fear that if we say NO, we’ll come across kind of like this: [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–M is for Mmmm Mmmm Good

I originally thought I would have M be for Mystery, as that is what I am currently writing.  It made sense. But then I cooked today and had one of those days where I just knocked it out of the park culinary-wise.  And once I had eaten dinner tonight, I knew I had to change [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–L is for Laughably Ludicrous

L is for Laughably Ludicrous.  That describes our weather once again this past weekend.  Once again, we got to look at some of this: Of course it is all gone once again.  But honestly, I am so over this joke.  I want and need my sunshine.  Winter had plenty of time to make me cold.  [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–K is for Kindness

K is for kindness.  I’ve been thinking about this word for awhile.  It seems like that is one thing we seem to be missing in  the world today.  Oh sure, there are still the occasional acts of kindness that we hear about.  But honestly, it seems like those stories are getting to be few and [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–J is for Joy

J is for Joy.  Sometimes it is the little things that bring me joy.  Take today for example….I accomplished a lot of things that just plain make me happy.  I cleaned out my large upright freezer and got it all organized again.  Then I got our income taxes done and filed.  That was a relief [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–I is for Idea

I is for Idea.  I just figured out a good portion of my new Cozy Mystery series that I am currently working on writing.  I’ve been working over this idea for awhile in my brain and I think I am now ready to start writing these.  They should be fun and have a few twists [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–H is for Hamster

No, I don’t have a hamster.  But I do have a pretty great story about one. Years and years ago,  when we lived on a farm, my brother Mike, had a hamster, much like the one pictured above.  He loved his hamster and he played with it often.  The hamster was really good at getting [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–G is for Gardens and Gary

I just had no choice about this letter today.  My guy gardens.  He gardens a lot.  Once again my home is overrun with garden seeds, plants, gardening catalogs, and gardening books.  All by my guy…Gary. Spring is in the air and that means if I want to find him, I have to go outside.  It’s [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–F is for Food

F is for food. Today, Chandler and I started a 6 week course through the University of Wyoming called  the Cent$ible Nutrition Program.  We will be learning about better nutrition and ways to save money while eating healthier.  I thought it would be a great class to take together and it will help prepare him [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–E is for Elegant

This is my final post for now about Prom.  Of course, E has to be for elegant as that is what prom is all about, right? Chandler got dressed and ready and was ready to go and pick up his date. They stopped and allowed us to snap a few pictures before they headed off [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–D is for Dinner and Dancing

Tonight was the big night for Chandler and his prom date.  We had a dinner for them here at the house.  We set up a table in the living room and then turned on the fireplace without heat for ambiance and had some soft music playing in the background. Here are a couple of shots [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–C is for Celebrate, Cute, and Chandler

Yesterday I got a slight shock.  I found out through a text message from a friend that my son had asked a girl to the Prom.  Prom is this Friday night. Chandler is going to Prom.  Now this might not seem like a big deal to some of you.  But for those of you who [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–B is for Boogers, Blah and Blecch

I had great visions of the letter B today.  I just knew I was going to tell you that B was for Baking.  But Mother Nature decided to play a cruel trick on us and my plans for baking quickly changed and I found new words for the letter B. Here is the view outside [Read On]


A to Z Challenge–A is for Active

I decided to join in this April Challenge in order to get my blog active again.  I kind of got where I just didn’t feel like writing anything anywhere or for anyone.  So I took an unannounced blogging break.  I am now back and ready to write and hopefully inspire and entertain you once again. [Read On]