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The Latest Posts

31 Tools For Self-Publishing

Once again, I will be participating in the Write 31 Days challenge.  The challenge is done each October and it is a challenge for writers to write every day for 31 days on ONE topic.  This year, I decided to choose something in the category for WRITING.  I mean, I AM trying to focus on [Read On]

MercyMe It’s Christmas! CD-Review & Giveaway

SOCIAL • CORNER WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER About MercyMe It’s Christmas! CD… Mercy Me It’s Christmas​ CD will be available in Pizza Ranch locations beginning November 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  It has 4 exclusive songs that can only be found on the CD version being sold by Pizza Ranch.  Each CD will be sold for $5 [Read On]

Faith of Our Fathers–Review & Giveaway

Runtime: 96 minutes Genre: Drama Rating: PG-13 (for brief war violence)   Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes, David A.R. White, Rebecca St. James, Si Robertson, Candace Cameron Bure, Scott Whyte, and Sean McGowan.   Special Features of the DVD: -The Heart of Faith of Our Fathers -Honoring Father’s Day -Commemorating Memorial Day -Si Robertson Interview -Stephen Baldwin Interview SOCIAL [Read On]

Book Cover Pro

Another viable and easy solution for making your own book covers and having them look professional, is a software called Book Cover Pro.  This software is user friendly and was designed to be a “plug and go” program.  There is a step-by-step online user guide that will walk you from the beginning to the end [Read On]


Now, if you are like me, when you first think of making your own book covers, PicMonkey is not the first program to come to your mind.  I think of lots of more difficult programs that have steep learning curves and make you want to pull your hair out.  Your eyes bleed.  You smash your [Read On]

List of Book Cover Designers

You can’t judge a book by its cover, except well…everyone does.  Your cover is the single most important advertising for your book.  It either draws a reader in and makes them want to pick it up and see what is inside, or it repels them and they move on toward another book.  It’s an investment [Read On]


Yesterday I shared about an editing tool that I use for my manuscripts since it is more difficult to see your own errors.  I have another program that I also use for editing.  While similar to the other editing program, Pro Writing Aid does have some features that I really like. First of all, you [Read On]


I have been successfully editing manuscripts for several years.  However, when it comes to my own work, I have a harder time being objective and catching errors.  Sometimes I just can’t see them, and other times, I am more critical than I should be.  So I have learned to use editing programs to help me [Read On]

Guide to Dictation E-Book

When I first decided to try dictation, I thought it would be simple to do.  I quickly discovered that it was harder than I thought.  I needed to train my brain to write verbally and to include the commands for my Dragon.  When I was searching for solutions, I tried a few books about dictation.  [Read On]

Personal Digital Recorder

One of the tools I use for dictation is this personal digital recorder.  I chose this one because it is Dragon certified and they play nicely together.  Since I wanted the digital recorder to help me with my hands-free writing, playing well with my Dragon is important and the most important feature I needed. I [Read On]

Dragon Naturally Speaking

One of the tools I have been implementing in my own writing is the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking.  This is a dictation software and once you get your Dragon trained, it is one of the best investments you can make for your writing.  I originally got my Dragon for health reasons.  After typing on [Read On]


Most people are familiar with Dropbox.  I thought it was worth mentioning however, as this is where I like to back things up so I can access them later if something should happen.  It’s my “just in case” contingency plan. I like to back up my manuscripts to my dropbox.  I find it a great [Read On]

Google Drive

One of my favorite tools that I use for backing up files and creating files is Google Drive.  I have used this service for many years through many jobs.  And I’ve used it for personal files as well.  The nice thing is that your files are accessible from anywhere you can access google online. I [Read On]


If you want to organize your publishing schedule, business, and just your life, with an online solution that you can use anywhere, then you will want to check out Trello.  I am a very visual person, and I love how I can customize Trello to what I need, when I need, and how I need.  [Read On]

WriteWay Pro

Yesterday, I shared about one of the writing programs I use, Scrivener, and how it had a very steep learning curve. Today, I am going to share my favorite writing program with you.  And guess what?!  It’s super simple and intuitive to use.  If you have a Mac, you are out of luck.  But for [Read On]